Helping women let go of fear, deepen their intuition, and manifest their dreams lives.


My 3C Method

Three Pillars of Personal Transformation


The first step is getting clarity on both the authentic desires you have, where your actions may be out of alignment, and what fears and mental blocks may be holding you back. 


The next step is to clear any blocks, attachments, or misconceptions that are keeping you from making the decisions that will manifest your desired outcomes.


The final step is the ongoing process of collaborating with coach & community to continuously break through new challenges as they come up, and continue to heal, grow and sharpen your manifesting abilites.

About Me

As a manifesting facilitator, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and best selling author, it is my mission to help women manifest their dream lives. I often help one-on-one entrepreneur clients as their coach and business consultant, providing both emotional and strategic support. I also offer a group manifesting mastery program, and products such as video courses and books, designed to help women (and men) from all walks of life learn to overcome mental blocks and fears so they can manifest their desires.


Hear from my clients.


Liberty Bernal

"Stephanie helped me overcome really deep emotional issues that affected me physically..."


Kristin Elliot

"Stephanie was a guide and there for emotional support to keep this business running through the pandemic. 

Steph is able to think about business, and the different tools and components I need such as creating a plan and goals."


Heather Kesslak

"[Hypnosis] is a guided meditation. I was alert and conscious the entire time... I used to be afraid to try it because of the naysayers. But I have made more progress in the last 3 and a half years through alternative methods than the 40 years before that of traditional mental health treatments." 


Jasmine Bruce

"Steph is just really inviting and easy to talk to. That warmth, that nonjudgemental feeling you get with Stephanie is what helped me feel comfortable. Working with her helped me feel more comfortable being me, and externally led to changes like getting a way better job, and feeling definitely more confident at work."

My sole mission is to give you all the tools you need to empower your own intuition and sovereignty.

I pride myself in not just fishing for my students, but teaching them to fish. By guiding them to trust their own intuition, they can experience true and lasting transformation from within, leading them to take action toward profound changes in their lives. 

Interested in working with me one-on-one, or joining my group program?



Interested in budget friendly manifesting products?

I offer a range of products, from video courses to manifesting books and card pack.

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