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My name is Stephanie Zito
and I am a Purpose and Passion Life Coach. 

Some stay in a job that lasts a lifetime.
My career has been more of an unfolding as I discover more about myself and my dharma,
or turning my passion into service to others.

A common theme, for me, has been helping people to self-actualize, to realize their potential, and to connect people to concrete resources for them to live their dreams.

Fresh out of college, I joined the Peace Corps and helped communities in Uganda to strengthen their schools by connecting them with grant-funding, community building, and teacher training. 

I received my M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution in 2001 from George Mason University. My focus was in the use of somatic work in conflict resolution.  I helped people  to identify and release emotions, to get unstuck from unhealthy patterns and to re-pattern ones that better serve them.

Since 2001, I've lead transformational retreats through corporate teambuilding and adventure therapy to help individuals and families find their authentic selves and to communicate effectively. My guiding work in rock climbing, backpacking, and kayaking has taken me throughout the Western U.S. and Hawaii.

I currently also teach yoga and hoopdance as vehicles for people to better connect to themselves authentically, to release blocks,
and to have fun!

My personal passions are my family, surfing, entrepreneurship, travel and helping people to realize happiness and contentment!

"Build peace from the inside and it will radiate to those around us, nourishing our relationships and how we treat the environment."

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